For those of you that know me, you’re probably rolling your eyes so far into the back of your head right now. I think this makes blog number 4 or 5 [including business]. I’m the queen of procrastination and incomplete projects – but I always have the best of intentions.

It’s been on my mind a lot lately, getting back to blogging. So much of my day is work related or family related and little of it is me related. This is something that I started for myself before, to just talk about all things me and my family. Then it turned into sharing all about the family for the extended family and friends which was great! Then it turned into a dead-end street that went no where. It stopped. Life got busy, blogging definitely took the back seat. But now there are things I want to share, ideas that are brewing around, and new adventures every day. I want to share again, interact with the world again, I want to blog.

Will I keep this blog? Most likely. Will I merge it with Just Maybe Someday? Maybe someday. Why not just keep up with Just Maybe Someday? Well, it’s been dead in the water for a while and it’s pretty public. And I have secrets that I’m not ready to share to the public yet. So I’m documenting now and sharing later. For now, time to get the basics in order around here and to start some cool posts. One day at a time. And I need some sticky tape too, I don’t want to end up with blog #6, but I wouldn’t be surprised, I’m kinda impatient like that.