According to my best calculations, I’m just starting my 5th week of pregnancy. Most of last week since finding out, I’ve not noticed any real symptoms. But the last couple of days, I definitely am. I’ve had some twinges in my lower belly – not crampy but tight. I’m getting up at least once a night to go to the bathroom. Which is strange for me – woman with a really big bladder and pees so infrequently – but also annoying because I tend to feel the need to stay awake once I am awake. And if I’m up and out of bed, the dogs think it’s time for them to be up and out of bed too. Fortunately, so far I’ve been able to fall back asleep without too much trouble.

Does a resurgence of Dill Pickle Chip addiction count as a food craving? It’s not that I crave them, I just want them a lot. They taste so yummy. 🙂

And I’m tired. I’ve taken little naps and gone to bed early almost every day this week. Though that isn’t really too unusual, I go through cycles like that from time to time, and we’ve also spent more time biking and outside and the fresh air is a sedative, right?

But what is unusual is that  I haven’t had any Pepsi since Monday when I tested positive. And I haven’t even missed it or craved it – which is really seriously weird for me, especially lately. I’m not complaining, it’s definitely a habit I needed to break. More water is better anyway – and I’m drinking plenty of that, I feel dehydrated.

I know there will be those people out there who will want to see belly pictures. I only did them towards the end with the other kiddos and do think this time around I should do them more often – I’m not sure about weekly, but often enough to see any changes. I’m pretty sure my photographer friends would wet noodle me if I didn’t.

And we all know I have my moments of being an emotional basket-case – I cry at everything so easily. Well, that’s already enhanced. Stupid commercials make me well up. And then when I think to myself that I’m only welling up because I’m pregnant, I well up even more. OMG I’m PREGNANT!

The boys and I have been biking to school as much as we can and yesterday Hannah, Connor, and I went on a decent bike ride in the warm weather. I plan to keep this up as much as I can. And maybe James will breakdown and get us a treadmill one of these days so I can keep on walking when the weather is crummy.

So the first week of knowing has been pretty good. It’s hard to keep it so secretive but it’s still really early so waiting just a little bit is probably good. I’m sure it will still be a couple of weeks before I see my doctor. Maybe then it will feel like the right time to share it.