It’s taken me a week to make this entry. I’ve had the wording in my head 50 different ways. I sat down to do it at least 50 different times. And each time I stared at my screen and typed nothing.  I draw a blank and just don’t know what to say. So of course, I’ll just say it in a picture.

We’ve known now for just under a week. I’ve gone from total shock, to nervousness, to happiness and onto excitement! James is on the road so a text pix served as announcement to him.  Life throws us some unexpected turns at times and sometimes you just have to run with it.  Big changes are about to happen in our household but it’s going to be really good, I’m sure of it. Just a month ago Connor asked for a baby sister. I told my friend son Facebook that the baby factory is on permanent hiatus. Little did I know it was just gearing up! And right now, Connor at least get’s half of his wish. We’ll see if the sister part holds true or not. If so, I’ll have him wish for a fruitful money tree next!

Mid-December we will welcome baby #4!!

So, this is the reason for a new blog. We aren’t ready to share with the world yet but I do want to document all the fun things about to come our way anyway.  If I didn’t already have to pee more often, I’d pee my pants in excitement!