What a difference a week makes. I feel pregnant. I’m getting 2-3 extra hours of sleep a night. I’m drinking so much water that it almost comes out faster than it goes in. My lower belly feels firm and full though you can’t see that yet. I’m a little moody – not crazy moody yet – but just a little – likely because I’m extra tired. I still don’t have cravings but I go back and forth from everything sounding yummy to nothing sounding yummy. My appetite surely isn’t want it normally is – but I’m sure it will pick up again soon. I’m hoping the lack of morning sickness stays that way – I could really do without that! I’m a scatter brain, have minimal attention span, and find myself wondering what the heck I was doing just 5 minutes ago. But the big thing – yesterday and today – my boobs want to explode! They are so sore! I certainly look like it’s 20 below zero in here all day and boy is that annoying and irritating. I don’t mind one bit if they bulk up a bit for this adventure but I wish they’d just do it and not just feel like they’re doing it.

This week I told my friend Amy who was totally excited! She already wants to know if we’re going to find out what we’re having. We aren’t sure yet and won’t be able to even have that option for another 12 weeks or so.

James also told his mom and sister Angie. Mom didn’t believe him at all and Angie was pretty excited. She texted me later that day with 101 questions. It’s fun to have people excited!

I’m a bit anxious to tell the kids but want to wait it out a bit more. I really don’t fear miscarriage but I know that can happen for no good reason and don’t want to get them all excited just in case. A few times I almost blurted it right now. I think about it in my head so much that sometimes I forget that only a couple of people know. I have to be careful in my conversations with James too – I don’t want their little ears listening in just yet!

I feel a bit shameful thinking how much I would really love for this baby to be a girl. It would really make the family nice and even and after two boys, I’m just ready for another girl. Of course these are my thoughts and may not be James’ thoughts. But the pessimistic side of me is pretty sure this is another bouncing baby boy. Not that I wouldn’t be happy with another happy and healthy boy, I’m just really ready for another girl.

No pictures this week, maybe next week though. There’s nothing there to see yet anyway.