It didn’t take long for the brain-dead hormones to kick in. This week has been a doozy for sure.

It all started on Saturday when I was working the morning away before soccer games started at lunch time. I lost track of time while working on images and then all of a sudden realized we had just 45 minutes before we had to leave for the soccer field. None of us had showered. I rushed Hannah in and I followed right behind her. We left with our hair partially wet, Connor had to wear soccer socks that were too small because we couldn’t find the match to his usual pair. But we made it out of the house on time, found the perfect parking space at the field [which those who know the place, this was nothing short of a miracle] and made it in plenty of time. Only games were in progress and Connor’s teammates were nowhere to be found. I called my mom to make sure we had the right field, we did, only we were a whole HOUR early. Better than late but good grief, I really could have dried my hair longer.

As we were walking back to the truck to go to BK for some for lunch before the game [because now our day’s time line was really thrown off] I was planning to message my friend Laurie and tell her about the set in of pregnancy brain. We sat down to eat and then sat awhile and I totally forgot to message her. I didn’t even remember I was going to until later that evening.

Then the other day, in the rush of getting kids read for school and out the door and animals fed and taken care of, I never finished cleaning up the kitchen. After heading back to the office to get working for the day, the dogs had gone in and out of the house at least 4 or 5 times like they usually do in the morning. It was about 3 hours after the kids left that I saw that Connor had left a half full gallon of milk on the table from breakfast. I had walked right past it a handful of times and didn’t even notice!

There are also plenty of little things – calling kids by the wrong names, forgetting what I was doing just a couple of minutes before,Β  having no focus what so freaking ever, and the amount of typos I’ve had to fix as I type – good grief.

It’s all pretty laughable, at least it’s laughable. This wooziness isn’t so laughable. I love that the kids just think I’m a silly mom. I can’t wait to tell them that while I really am kinda silly, there is more to it!

Let the fun continue!