I don’t know how it happens, every year seems to go by faster and faster. It’s so hard to believe it’s already May! Though every January I wish to wake up the next morning and it already be May – but once it’s really here, I can’t believe how fast 5 months of the year have gone. And we’ve  not even been super busy as a family. Now we will be and the rest of the year will zoom on by!

Soccer games started 2 weekends ago – the first was windy and chilly but the second was all out rain and wind and nastiness. Connor, of course, played both games but Dillan opted out of his. He’s just not as into it this year as he has been in the past. Maybe if we can get some warmer weather back around here he will change his mind. I love a good soccer game, but not in the wind and certainly not in the rain!

Hannah’s busy with track though I’ve yet to be able to make it to any of her meets. I have to admit that going to a track meet does not excite me. I know she enjoys track but I don’t. I love going to her swim meets and I love the soccer games. I just can’t get into the track meets. She’s doing well though – she’s working hard to master the high jump. She’s not very tall and she certainly has more muscle than most high jumpers [she’s a swimmer!] but she’s getting the hang of it and really likes it.

James got home on Sunday and we’ve been a couple of lazy bums. Pregnancy exhaustion is in full swing and with the crummy weather it makes sleeping in all morning extra easy. It doesn’t make us productive at all but it sure is cozy! Even the dogs stay in bed all morning, they don’t want to spend any time outside right now.

This morning was Muffins With Moms at the boys’ school. We got there later than I wanted and missed some of the fun but we still had a good time snacking on muffins together. Well, not Dillan, he swears he doesn’t like muffins anymore. But he had juice. I love spending time with them at school.

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo and I went to Dillan’s class for awhile when they were beating open a poor burro pinata. Those first graders are pretty funny! I have some pictures – I’ll have to add them in later. Nothing exciting but they’re cute.

Just 3 more weeks of school! It’s going to fly by – then summer will get extra crazy too! So much going on for us, so many things the kids want to do. But I’m looking forward to losing the school day routine for a while and just doing our own things. I miss spending relaxing time with the kids. It seems we spend so much time rushing around between activities and homework and errands that our quality time has suffered a bit lately. We’re too busy and too grumpy and I just want to lounge around in the sun and the yard with the kids and the dogs and do a whole lotta nothing all day! I’m not rushing May but I’m definitely ready for June!