It may be spring but all of this rain is just getting to be way too much. I’m so tired of sopping wet and muddy dogs, cooped up kids, grey and gloomy skies, and the overall BLAH feeling that we all get when it rains the better part of 2 weeks.

There is standing water everywhere, the yard has turned into a jungle, and I’m sure the mosquito’s are having a hay day with all of the new potential breeding grounds which means that in a week or two we will be running for our lives from the bloodsuckers.

I’m a little bitter – I hate the dreary. I need sunshine. I really need warmth and sunshine but I can handle cooler temps as long as there is sunshine. So even if I have to be inside, it’s still nice to look at the outside.

Today, it’s so nice to look outside. The rain finally stopped. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and I’ve opened up all my blinds to let it all in. Sadly, it’s hard to enjoy it other than from the inside. It’s only 37* outside, mud and puddles are everywhere, the grass is so saturated that soccer games were canceled for today. I rarely wish for wind, but today would be one of those days where it would be welcomed, to dry things up.

Though I’m just being hopeful, since today is likely the only day of sunshine we’ll get for the next week. The forecast is horrid. More rain. At least it’s not snow, but still. It’s depressing to think about. And my kids need to get outside and play. And the dogs do also, without coming in looking like mudballs.

I’m a whiner and a complainer because of this – I just want some sunshine, and warmer temps. I want some summer.