Finally, first appointment day arrived! Waiting until almost 10 weeks was kind of a killer. I’ve been through it all before so I knew it wasn’t going to be something super duper exciting but it was extra exciting because it was James’ first time and I’m so glad he was able to be here for this and because this time my regular doctor will be doing our prenatal care and delivery and baby care. I really like her.

We arrived and I immediately had to do some bloodwork and attempt to pee in a cup. Why is it that no matter how much I drink before I go to the doctor, I can never pee on demand? I failed [at least until after our appointment was done, then I was finally able to go]. We went through tons of family history and questions that all seemed to take forever. Then Dr. Card came in and gave us a ton of info and talked about all kinds of things and did the girly exam. We tried to listen for the little tiny heartbeat but with all my belly gurgling [way too much water trying to be able to pee!] and probably because it was just too early still, we were unable to listen even though we did hear about a second of it. We know it’s there, we just couldn’t get a good listen. Back in 2 weeks to try again.

James noticed the BMI chart on the wall which sent him into a texting frenzy to let his friends know they were overweight or obese! HA! I think it was some good motivation for him to drop a few pounds. I told him and the nurse and our doctor that I would like to see him lose at least as much as I gain during the pregnancy. I know it would be way too easy for him to gain right along with me, we feed into each others food cravings way too easily. But giving him a little bit of a challenge will likely get him going on the fast track. And I still hope that I don’t gain 50 pounds or more, I’m not going for any records here! I’ll take on what’s necessary but will try to keep away from too much junk food if I can help myself.

I weighed in at 139 pounds. EEP! Honestly, that’s more than I have weighed NOT pregnant since I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and on way too much Prednisone. In all of my adult life [not pregnant] I’ve managed to keep myself hovering 130 pounds. I’m not really complaining, and it’s not really a big shock, we eat a lot of junk and get minimal exercise despite my desire to live a healthier life.

With that, we went out to eat some greasy breakfast at Kroll’s. Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs – we didn’t finish everything on our plates. But it was so nice to just be together.