This is the day that I dread all year-long. It comes once a year and really is one of the saddest days I have. It’s the day that Hannah leaves for her dad’s for the summer – a whole 6 weeks. It’s such a long time to not see her at all except on the crazy pictures she posts to Facebook. I miss our daily routines and silly senses of humor together. I get bored of watching soap operas by myself.

She left bright and early, it’s a long drive. I’ve had the day to myself with just The Zoo. The silence is kind of nice at first but it quickly turns to boredom. I am reminded of how little she used to be and all the fun things we used to do. Summer just isn’t as much fun as it used to be with my kids all going different directions and not being home how I want them to be. They boys would rather be at the lake, I can’t blame them there – so would I. James is working plenty and not home to keep me company either. I think he gets frustrated with my phone annoyances that come out of lonely and boredom. Hannah doesn’t get annoyed though, she plays along. I’m so thankful for her phone. We don’t have to sit and have conversations, I don’t feel like I’m interrupting her time with her family there, and we can just text chit chat off and on throughout the day. It’s not the same as her being here but it makes her that much closer to me anyway.

I count down the days until she’s home. I can’t wait!