I finally was able to take some time for me today and get  my hair cut. Another 5 inches fell to the floor. I swear it was that much that I cut off just 6 months ago. My hair probably holds the record for the fasted growing ever.

My boys love my long hair – they were a little bummed to see it shorter. It’s still below my shoulders so not the drastic change it could be, but enough I guess that they wished it was longer.
I took them shopping for some goodies and necessities for our big trip coming up next week. Since school got out the boys have seen me minimally, they love being out at the lake. Since they don’t yet know about the baby, they have no reason to pay attention to my waistline even though almost every time I walk past a mirror I’m looking for obvious changes. So far, there had been nothing. I feel the bloat but it’s hard to see, especially to anyone else. But the past few days, that has all changed. Finally my uterus has popped up out of my pelvis and is rearranging some things and definitely showing a little bit of a baby bump. I was trying not to let it all hang out – I don’t want to give it away to the boys yet – not until James is home next week and we can tell them together.

And then it happened. As we were walking through the doors into Target, Dillan blurted it right out. He said to me, “mom, you look like you have another baby in your tummy.” Shocked, I said, “oh yeah?!” and we each walked into the bathrooms. He didn’t say anything else after that. But I’ve hung onto that thought all day. I even texted James. Just too funny. Won’t he be surprised to know he was right! There really is no hiding it anymore, I can’t suck it in any further. The only cover up is something baggy.

I can only wonder what Dillan will have to say in another few months when I’m a big round basketball!