I was a pretty crappy blogger all through May. I have to blame it on morning sickness and pregnancy exhaustion along with kids that were way too busy with sports and the end of school. I didn’t take nearly enough pictures that month either. It went by so super fast really, I guess that’s what happens when you sleep most of it away! So here are some pictures and descriptions to make up for it a bit. I was actually alive and doing things!

Dillan’s class had a Cinco de Mayo party and I went to watch Dillan whack the pinata!

Connor wanted some pictures to give to his teacher before the year was done – this one was his ‘silly face’.

There was a lot of soccer being played between Connor and Dillan. This picture is at Connor’s last game.

I went with Connor’s class to the Chahinkapa Zoo for their class trip. This was really fun!

And Dillan’s class had a picnic and I met up with them at a park near our house to have lunch and watch them play.

Hannah and I saw this awesome sprinkler at a friend’s house and we decided to pick on up for the dogs. Casey loves it!

Our friends Marlene and William are getting a Great Dane puppy. Dillan and I went out to the farm with Marlene to look at him. Dillan fell in love with the daddy, Diesel and wants to bring him home. I don’t think so.

And today while going out to see the puppy again, we see this out the front window. Awesome!

There seems to be some people missing from my photos – where is Hannah and James anyway?! Hannah had plenty going on, we just never seemed to have the camera going at those time. And James, he had a busy few weeks, on the road or in the shop way too much. Sometime I’ll have to photograph him in the shop – that’s some greasy stuff! Hannah’s now gone to her dad’s for the summer but swim season is just around the corner and there are always many pictures from that. Next week is our trip to Colorado for a family reunion – we’re driving and spending time in different places so there will be way too many pictures at some point. Now that I’m feeling better I hope to have my camera out a whole lot more – I hate missing out on things. And really, I have the most photogenic kids ever!