Connor and Dillan have been so excited for this day for quite awhile. Loving skateboarding has become and obsession. 3rd Lair and the Fargo Park District put on a skateboarding clinic at Dike West which was exactly what my boys wanted and needed!

It was a hot hot day – temps soaring into the 90’s with a hot breeze and minimal clouds. We loaded up on sunscreen for a long day at the park. 3 hours of skate lesson with several instructors definitely made my boys skate with more confidence. They learned some new tricks and terminology and had so much fun! Their friend Luke was there too which made it an extra good time. After their lesson, we went home for a few hours to take a break, have some lunch, refill on fluids, and just relax until the afternoon competition portion of the day started. I was surprised to fine my boys actually wanting to compete – see, confidence! They both did so well – placing 5th and 7th out of 11 – not too bad for their first try! I know they’ll be excited to do it all again next year.

We left a bit heat exhausted, sunburned and just plain tired. But we really had such a great day. I love watching my kids do the things they love and having fun.  I would have sat for 3 more hours if needed. 3rd Lair really did an outstanding job with all the kids – keeping their confidence up, teaching them new things, having some fun and just being great role models to the kids. It would be my pleasure to have the boys participate again next year. We plan to recruit a few more friends as well!

Here are a few pictures from the day.

The whole class learning how to walk the skate boards – they all did well but then toppled over.

I love this shot of Connor.

He even looks like a pro – waiting his turn.

Dillan has some sweet moves too!

Dillan’s taking a little break – it was so hot!

Connor getting a little extra help in the big bowl.