My kids are all natural fishies – they love the water. The boys and I have spent several days at the pool this summer, soaking in the sunshine and chlorine all afternoon. Hannah starts swim team again soon and I get really excited for that – I love those meets!  Both boys finished up their 2 weeks of swim lessons today – I want them to be strong swimmers even if they never compete. I took my camera for the last day and got some fun pics to share. I’m so proud of both my boys who really worked hard and had some fun. They get a break from lessons until winter – when sitting in that humid pool area actually feels good!

Connor practicing his strokes

Connor learning to dive from the block

Dillan wanted to dive from the block too but he was a little nervous

He thought about it

and looked pretty nervous

finally he got the form going

but then couldn’t do it!

he’s pretty cute though

and happy to just be in the pool

Connor walked in front of the glass window and I caught this silhouette and just love it