My baby girl is growing up way too fast. Today was 10th grade orientation at the high school. Looking at her class schedule – seeing classes like Biology, Western Civ, and Algebra 2 really smacks me in the face that this is a big deal. While she technically started high school last year, this is her first year in the high school building. There are so many new activities and clubs and opportunities to be a part of that she didn’t have last year. There are actually upperclassman too. She’s really excited, and I’m excited for her too! I’m so proud of her in so many ways and love the person she’s growing up to be – she has such a big heart and kind soul. I know she’s going to do so great this year – I look forward to watching all the changes that come from starting a new year with new people and new things to do. Swimming is currently at the forefront – it’s going to take up a lot of her time this fall. I look forward to swimming too – love it! And in just a few months, she’ll turn 16 years old.  That brings a tear to my eye actually.

Best of luck in 10th grade Hannah! Way to make your mama feel old!