Everything about this pregnancy seems to be happening so much earlier than my previous 3 pregnancies. I know I say that a lot to people, but it’s true, and last night was no exception.

Added to earlier morning sickness, earlier baby flutters, earlier belly popping, earlier belly rolling, and earlier heartburn – I can now add to the list earlier Braxton Hicks contractions. Last night I was just sitting here at the computer passing some time and within an hour had 6 contractions. No pain, just some tightening that caught my attention. They were more patterned than I expected them to be but they stopped. I have had 1 this  morning too. In Hannah’s pregnancy, I didn’t have them at all. With both boys  – I didn’t have them until the 8th month. So being just 22 weeks and in my 5th month – this is pretty early.

James was out and I texted him and he was so sweet and concerned despite me saying not to freak out. He rubs and holds and kisses my belly, sometimes he even talks to it. He’s going to be a really great dad!

So I’m taking it easy and keeping plenty of water in me. I don’t expect these contractions to amount to anything at this point but now that my attention has been grabbed, I’ll be a bit more aware and cautious for sure.