My kids have become obsessed with skating – which has put us at the skate park many early mornings this summer. The mornings are cooler, there are far fewer people, and it’s just a fun way to start the day. It’s even more fun when friends are there to share the fun. I invited a bunch of the guy pals for the boys and they all had a great time. I took just a couple pictures but put the camera away before they all showed up and forgot to take it back out again. Bummer.

This was our last trip to the skate park for the summer – we still may go on a weekend but with school starting on Wednesday – this was our one last hurrah for the summer.

Fun times!

Connor plans to be in the X Games someday. He has some natural skills! [and he’s cute too]

Dillan had a little wipeout – but he was able to laugh about it!

Hannah has a skunk hat – must be cool skate wear!

Hannah designed her own Converse this summer – funky and totally her!