No matter how much we plan ahead, the first day of school always  sneaks up on us. We did plenty of last minute supply and clothes shopping, running around, planning, and getting everything in order. With plenty of shiny new items, backpacks, and clothes, I sent the kids off to the first day of a new beginning this morning.

Hannah left bright and early for her first day of 10th grade. How did my baby girl become a sophomore in high school? She was really excited to see friends she hadn’t seen all summer, to find out what her classes were like, and to wear her new clothes and show off her new dark hair and green eyes! It is about the fashion and friends, ya know. She has many long days ahead – a rigorous course schedule and demanding swim schedule. Many days she’s gone 12 hours or more. She’s more than capable and determined, I just hope she finds some time to sleep!

Connor was so excited for school that he was awake and dressed at 6am! He got his breakfast and brushed his teeth and got all of his things together and then had to wait so long before it was actually time to leave for school! 3rd grade – I really don’t know how these kids grow so fast. It seems like I was just taking him to kindergarten. He’s developed his own sense of style lately, bracelets and hats and all things ‘cool.’

Dillan is never excited for school – but this morning he was actually up very early on his own and got ready for school just fine. He was full of smiles and a little excited for the first day. I’m sure that will wear off by the end of the day but at least we had a positive start to the morning! He and Connor have similar styles, though Dillan is less concerned about matching than Connor is. He did a good job and my baby baby is off to 2nd grade!