Why do I feel 2 months bigger and not 2 weeks? Maybe its’ because this little guy is high in my belly – I have daily heartburn or reflux and sometimes both – he moves around so much and so frequently that I actually feel nauseated and I get woken from a sound sleep – getting good sleep is kind of a joke – my ankles swell – sitting down makes it hard to breathe and just doesn’t feel comfy at all, sitting straight up doesn’t work, I have to lean to keep my uterus from going under my rib cage – bending over and breathing at the same time is just out of the question. I shouldn’t complain – plenty of people have much harder pregnancies than I do. I have been pretty lucky so far and for many, they’d say I have it really damn easy. But I’m complaining anyway – I’m having one of those days. And I still have more than 100 more to go! I don’t really feel ginormous, but I do feel like everything is hitting me all at once right now. I probably feel as bad as I look in this picture – ugh.