It’s Labor Day – such an oxymoron for my family – it’s typically a time where we do NOTHING. Well, we do things, but things far from laboring. Especially this weekend, the weather is definitely fall-like, there isn’t much going on around town – the action seems to happen out in ‘lakes country’ on long weekends – and after a busy week for James and I both, laying on the couch is just where we want to be.

I started my day off with some hot cocoa and peanut butter cookies, laptop in my lap on the couch surrounded by the zoo – enjoying the cool air and quiet time. I’m really trying to enjoy these times as much as I can, knowing they will be short lived.

We plan to grill some nice steaks today – if the rain holds off. Maybe we’ll have to grill for lunch instead of dinner. I think this is the one thing about Labor Day that we can do – EAT!

I’m taking some time to catch up on editing personal images. This is the benefit of couch lounging. No external drive with business attached! Catching up is good – I feel like I neglect my personal things too much sometimes. There are big gaps in the blog – that will soon be filled in so backtracking will be necessary – and I don’t want there to be gaps at all. One of these days I will develop a good system of taking, editing, and posting all in a reasonable amount of time. As I chuckle to myself at that comment – before long there will be a tiny baby in my arms all the time! I’m sure there will be plenty of pictures taken but the editing and posting part may really lag. Though being up with late night feedings, maybe I’ll get more done than I think. Sleep on the other hand, that will be where the lagging really comes in!

Last week was a long and emotional week. Pregnancy hormones and lack of good sleep didn’t help anything. We were busy – soccer practice, swim practice, swim meets, work things, emotional issues, and then Grandma was laid to rest in Pennsylvania which really took the cake in emotional upset. It just set my whole week off. When the kids are busy – that helps, it keeps me moving and not able to stop and wallow too much. But it takes a toll as well – I just get worn down. I love spending time with the kids though – I love seeing them having fun doing the things they love.

So a weekend off is well deserved – the upcoming week will be busy as well – I have a feeling this will be the theme for the next few months – but it’s good to be busy and just live life.