I might as well have not even gone to bed last night. It was about 11:30 when I forced myself to bed, I was tired but not feeling like I could sleep, or at least sleep well. the past few nights I’ve been waking up frequently, staying awake awhile, then dozing off again. That didn’t happen tonight. I woke up at 3am, still feeling very tired but not able to go back to sleep. Then the sinus pressure set in and I needed to blow my nose so I got up to do that, peed while I was up, then crawled back into bed expecting to fall back asleep pretty quickly. It’s now 6:55am and I’m still awake. In the meantime I had read Facebook on my phone, played some games too. All in the dark of course so that the blinding light could put me in a daze and send me back to dreamland. Nope. After an hour and a half I got up and got the laptop so I could at least keep myself busy and hope that it would make me tired enough to fall back asleep. I think I might be finally getting there. I still have sinus pressure and now a bit of a headache and my eyes keep making long blinks. I know I’m going to be sorry later if I don’t at least get a few more winks in – 3.5 hours just is not enough. And nobody told Mr. Wiggly Boy that mama needs more sleep either, he seems to be awake all night long. Please don’t make this a life long habit!

Really, some parts about pregnancy just aren’t glamorous at all. Right now, I’m one of those parts.