This year I was asked to help with both boys’ parties at school. I try and help out as much as I can, I love being in the classroom with them. This year I had previously scheduled my OB checkup for about the same time so I arrived late to both and only caught a few snaps before the end of the day. Connor had actually asked me if I was going to come to school to take pictures – that was cool – I love when they ask me to be a part of their day and document them!

I stopped in Dillan’s classroom first where the party was well underway – they played some games, wrapped up like mummies, took some pictures, had yummy treats and decorated small pumpkins. Dillan is going as Ironman this year.

Yummy idea! Carved out oranges, stuffed with orange sherbet and frozen! YUM!

Dillan's partially decorated pumpkin.

Then I headed down to Connor’s room where their party was much more low key. Connor was dressed as a bloody skeleton ghouly thing but had already taken his costume off before I got there. I think he was disappointed in how it work – kind of cumbersome. And he just didn’t look like he was having any fun anyway – but he was glad to see me!

He couldn't even smile with his pumpkin.

But he did have fun decorating his face!!