I’m always the one behind the camera and I love it there. I feel a bit uneasy and focused on and OMG the center of attention when I’m on the other side of the camera. That’s not a comfortable place for me – it never has been. I’m quite social and comfortable in most situations and I don’t typically get uncomfortable easily – but when the focus is on me, all eyes on me, I have crazy weird anxiety – not the overwhelming, can’t breath, and might die type of anxiety though – no worries there.

My friend Christy and I have been planning belly shots for this baby boy for a few weeks now and I haven’t spent much time thinking about it. I told her up front that I’d let her do whatever she wanted to do – with discretion of course. I was going to allow myself out of my comfort zone for a change. However, I didn’t know I’d get THAT far out of my comfort zone.

But Christy is awesome, she’s a good friend and always easy to be around. I figured this is the one time when I can show off my belly and not be worried about what others might think – girls are crazy stupid that way. And I showed off my belly, and more skin than I expected, but the images are beautiful and stunning. Not really the kinds of images you show off to everyone that comes through the door but they are so nice to have as keepsakes. All of the aches and pains and frustrations get shoved aside and forgotten when I look at those pictures [and I haven’t even seen them all] and feel beautifully, wonderfully pregnant. The body does really weird things while pregnant – shape shifting is just one of them – and it’s sometimes hard to appreciate all that’s going on when you feel so taken over and out of control.

It was definitely an experience – one I won’t have again and I’m so glad that I had this time. I wish I had done it with all the babies – it was great. I’m so thankful for such good friends who are also so creative and talented and giving and super fun to hang out with!

For now, the images are on her Facebook page – you can see them here.