On Thursday, my doctor sent me for an ultrasound to give an estimate in size of this big baby boy and to check my fluid levels since my belly is measuring 2 weeks ahead and has measured significantly different the past few weeks compared to the rate of growth the past few months. I wasn’t about to pass up a chance to see my baby boy’s face so close to his due date!

It’s so different seeing a full term baby on ultrasound compared to when he was just 20 weeks and even at 30 weeks! He looks bigger, takes up more space for sure, but everything is very defined and easier to pick out. His cheeks are so big and squishy and I can’t wait to hold him in my arms and smell him and love him.

And while we expected to see that he was measuring a bit bigger than my other babies, I wasn’t quite prepared for the numbers I was seeing. The ultrasound tech was measuring his head and his legs and belly and spine and all of the parts that help with calculations and at the bottom of the screen I could see 40 weeks 6 days, 39 weeks 3 days, 40 weeks 4 days. I think my eyes were bulging out of my head knowing that I was only 37 weeks 5 days! He’s not supposed to be that big! Her guesstimate weight is that he’s 8 pounds 8 ounces. Now that isn’t horrible, bigger than I think I would like, but not unmanageable. But knowing there could be 2 more weeks of growth ahead – OWIE!! Yes, I understand that it’s not always accurate, he could be a whole pound less, but he could also be a whole pound more.

More concerning than his size is that there seems to be an excess of amniotic fluid – polyhydramnios.  I didn’t even know there could be such a thing – I have always heard of having low fluid being an issue, but never high fluid. I made the initial mistake of asking Google what that meant knowing my doctor wouldn’t call me back until much later to discuss the results. My heart sank. Another ‘complication’ that falls into such a small percentage of pregnant women. I’m not sure why I keep falling into that category. It didn’t help that I was able to still see the Echogenic Focus in the heart and that is still such an unknown area for us. While we try to keep a positive attitude and remain hopeful that this baby will be born totally healthy and without complications, these things are constantly in the back of my head and come out at the weirdest times and really get to me. The drive home was tearful and full of anxiety. Big words like hemorrhage and neurological defects really make a big impression. Sometimes having a medical education is not such a good thing. I spent the rest of the day being on edge and my head spinning in anxiety waiting for my doctor to call with some results and telling me what all of this means.

She didn’t call that day. But I did some thinking and realized that all this fluid is very likely the cause of many of my complaints – he’s so high and floating and up in my lungs, the extra weight of the fluid could be causing the muscle spasms, the growth of my belly week to week may not be all big baby, just a lot of fluid. I tried to avoid thoughts about defects and complications but my body stayed anxietous anyway.

I put a call in this morning right away letting my doctor know that I wanted to talk to her even if she didn’t think she needed to call me. I wasn’t thinking “no news is good news”, I figured she was just delayed. And she was. When she called me back this afternoon she was concerned but not as concerned as I was. She assured me that his growth looks good, all of his body systems seem to be functioning properly – swallowing and peeing enough, there’s no signs of diabetes and no good explanation for extra fluid. There is some concern about spontaneous rupture which could end up with a prolapsed cord which is not good at all. Most concerning to her is his size though she doesn’t think he’s as big as the ultrasound says – but who knows. She eased my fears some, the instant panic calmed some, which is good.

She ordered me a non-stress test today, Monday morning, and induction next Thursday if nothing happens on its own before then! hooray!

Today’s NST was perfect. His little heart beat was music to my ears. He was plenty active, I had a few nice contractions, and we passed with flying colors. This is good news, we want him as healthy as he can be!

Now to just get James home and move forward with things for the week and to have a baby!!