Being full term is awesome – the concerns about having an early baby are gone – he is welcome to come out and join the family party any time now! This is likely the last of the belly pics – it’s a bit sad but also an awesome relief! This little [or not so little] baby boy will be here in 6 days or less! He’s busting out the bottom of my tank top so much more than even just a week ago! There may be too much fluid but there is also a whole lotta baby in there! I have to say I’m a bit amazed that the 40 or so pounds that I’ve gained this pregnancy doesn’t show much other than in my belly – I expected some more whole body growth. That’s not to say there hasn’t been any, I can see the changes in my face and rear end and the swollen hands, legs, and feet are starting to stay longer and longer without going away. I’m anxious to find out how much of this weight will go away once he’s born. I’m not typically a weight focused person, it’s always a conversation I dread in general, but right now it’s very intriguing. Between baby and amniotic fluid and miscellaneous other pregnancy instant weight loss items, I think I’ll lose half this weight all at once. I can only imagine how long it will take to put this tummy back into a halfway normal state – it really is stressed to the max! That would be funny if we were planning to name him Max! We’re not, so don’t go getting any ideas.