James made it home! It was a stressful week last week for both of us – me feeling like the baby was going to make an early arrival and him having delays in his schedule. We’re both just so relieved to be here and ready for our little guy to arrive!

We went to our 2nd NST test Monday morning and were in and out of there in no time. His tracings looked great within the first few minutes and while we stayed the required 20 minutes, we could have left after 5 – so they said. Good job little guy!

Yesterday was the checkup with my doctor – the scale is continuing into uncharted territory [gosh I hope so much is water weight!] – but my blood pressure and everything else was perfect. I measured a whopping 40 cm but I still feel like 50 cm! Unfortunately – not much is happening internally – so we’re all set for induction starting tomorrow night. I can’t believe it’s so close! It seems like it was just April and we were just finding out we were pregnant to begin with!

I’m not quite sure how I’ll occupy my day to avoid feeling over anxious or too concerned or worrying that the baby will be too big or that there will be other complications. I do need to get things in order for all the kids so they can have a relaxing weekend with Grandma. Tonight was the last night that we were all together as a family of 5 – soon there will be 6 of us. I cannot wait!

One more belly picture tomorrow – that will be the end of my belly. I’m excited to be able to bend over again, to see my toes while standing, to see my belly button at all, but I’m sad to lose this wiggly little life fluttering around inside me. I know he’ll be tons of fun on the outside too!

9 months has gone quickly – it makes me a bit sad to know all that time has passed and hoping that the next 9 months will not go as quickly so we can enjoy this baby boy so little for as long as possible. Life is amazing.