It’s always been one of my favorite things to do with my kiddos when they are just so small – we take a nice warm bath together. The open spot on Lucas’ navel finally has closed up and I felt comfortable enough taking him into the tub for the first time – we sure were tired of counter top wipe downs! It’s always a bit of a chore – a timing issue really – to get us both in there, without pee flailing around or anyone getting the chills, hoping the water is just the right temperature – warm enough for me because I usually like it scalding hot but cool enough that I don’t burn the baby, not slipping and falling, and having all after bath items ready to prevent chills and diaper accidents outside of diapers. But then it’s always relaxing and lovely.

Lucas and I slipped right in. I was nervous as to how he’d first react to the water so I held him close and secure. I laid him on my legs and slowly lowered them into the water. His hands and feet were floating, his face was concerned but not unhappy. He settled in quickly and enjoyed a good float. I washed him quickly in case this turned out to be something less than fun. But it didn’t, and he floated, and he moved his arms and legs and made little waves and splashes. We soaked and talked and I smiled at him and loved him with all of my heart and more.