Every day I write blog posts and share images – in my head. They never quite make it out through the fingers and onto the actual blog. I have mental notes and physical notes to go back and add important entries but that list just keeps getting longer. I’ve told myself that I will blog first thing in the morning, when I am fresh and it’s quiet at home so I’m not distracted, but I’m always distracted – it just doesn’t seem to work out that way. And now that Lucas is here, it makes it even harder. I don’t get out of bed until he’s awake so the quiet uninterrupted first thing in the morning time just doesn’t exist anymore. I have a big desire to finally share the blog with everyone but feel like I can’t until I get things caught up. The blog doesn’t even acknowledge Lucas’ birth yet! Gosh I’m such a crummy mama that way! I have so many things to put here, so many pretty images, so much fun. I need to get serious about this. I see plenty of other friends that keep up their space several days of the week, they find the time and the words and get it all done. I know that right now I’m having much more fun with my new baby, and his daddy who is still here and who I wish would be here every single day forever and ever, and our whole family who just makes me happy inside and out. And still, I’m blogging about having difficulties with finding time to blog instead of just blogging the important things!

And just while typing that little paragraph, I got something to eat, let the dog out, put in a load of laundry, and sorted some laundry. I also checked Facebook 2 times, email 3 times, and watched some good food cooking on Rachael Ray. ADD much? Definitely too much. This is the story of my every single day – constant distraction and total lack of focus.

Now I’ve whined and made excuses and I feel a little better putting something in this space. Now I’m going to get some more practical things done and plan a schedule to get the back log of entries done. Dear Heidi, be a better blogger – you love doing it and slack off far too much – just do it!