James left this morning. It’s always hard when he has to get up early, pack his bag and head out for another stretch of truck driving. I know it’s what he has to do but I hate that he has to leave. I’m always left with a big empty space inside of me. It’s even harder now, knowing that Lucas is growing and changing every day. And even just a few days away could mean missing out on fun things. Being gone weeks at a time could seem like forever for Lucas.

We’ve been really lucky since Lucas was born. James has been home 7 of the 8 weeks. I’m so thankful for that. I know most new dads might get a couple of days at most. It’s been great and I have loved every minute of it. But I’ve also been spoiled to have him here so much. So the thought of him having to go back on the road is that much harder, I don’t want to give him up to working again.

But a great opportunity has come up. I’m not sure James feels it’s so great right now but I do. I’m almost certain that James will come around and see the great benefits it has. A dedicated route. A short dedicated route. A short dedicated route that will have him gone 3.5 days and home the rest of the week. The same schedule every week. EVERY WEEK!

Those that know me well know that I’m a planner. I’m never good at the long-term plan but in the short-term, life sure runs better when I’ve got it all figured out. One of the hardest parts of his job is that there is no planning more than a day or two ahead for the most part. That just digs my stress level. I to go with the flow but many times it’s just so hard. Now, I’ll always know when he has to leave, how long he’ll be gone, and a general time of when he’ll be home – within hours at least. As long as Mother Nature cooperates as well. We can plan months ahead if we need to!

I know it’s going to be an adjustment for James. He said to me yesterday, “but I’m a long haul trucker.” He always has been and he really likes it. I don’t understand it, but he really likes it. He likes destination Florida. I hate gone so long and so far. He said it will be like having “a real job.” It is! But I think that’s the glory of it all. It’s short, it’s regular, it’s reliable. RELIABLE! So much frustration comes when the loads aren’t available or they’re running so late or they’re running all over a state to get things picked up or delivered. It’s such a waste of time in my eyes. A waste of time that could be spent with family.

Family is on top of my important life list. While we’ll all miss James those few days a week that he’s gone, we’ll get to see him for a few days every week – we won’t be waiting 3 weeks to get 3 days of home time. This is really important for Lucas – he needs his dad around as much as he can be. And James will love that he really won’t miss out on much of anything – except Super Bowl Sunday. It’s a good thing the Vikings failed to make it there again this year. But really, it just feels so good to me that finally we can have a ‘normal’ family life. It sure would be better if he were home every night but this is so close to otherwise perfect. He may not be here every night, but he can be here all day and night on those days he’s home. And it can give me some regularity with my business, which will help it grow better and faster, which is that much better.

And I’ll be a bit jealous that he’ll get to see the Rocky Mountains every week.

I know he’s feeling a little hesitant right now but I’m beyond excited for him and for all of us. This is a really positive change and has some really nice perks. It may not be exactly what he wants right now but it will be. It will be perfect. I look forward to having a life – as a family – not having to sit around and wonder and not make plans and worry if the work will be there when it’s needed. I’m excited!