I feel so trapped – this winter is really dragging me down. It really isn’t any different than any other North Dakota winter, it has been warmer than some in the past, but it’s really strung out. We’re supposed to get more snow tonight and I just really want to block the world out.

Normally, I love being a homebody. If I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything, I’m a-ok with that. And when I do have to go out, I bundle up and go. But now I have to also bundle up Lucas and haul out all of the things we need and brave the crud and there really is zero fun in that. I’d just rather snuggle the adorable boy.

While today is PJ and ponytail day and I’m making hot yummy comfort food for dinner, I can’t help but beg for spring. I want warm sunshine, fresh air, open windows and walks. I want to get out and photograph our lives again. I’m ready for grass beneath my feet and soccer games, sunscreen, and tank tops. Oh, I think I just skipped into summer.

That’s just wishful thinking.