The long awaited day finally came!  I get so anxious because even though there is nausea and exhaustion and weird pregnancy symptoms at times, without seeing or hearing what’s on the inside – it’s all just a little unnerving until we know FOR SURE there is someone growing in there. And yes, there is! A wonderful, perfect, tear jerking, emotion evoking, loving, little flittering heart beat at 170bpm! It was music to my ears. My weight is good, growth is good, and we did the standard pee in a cup and take 5 tubes of blood for standard tests deal too. It was a good appointment and I look forward to all the rest that are to come. I just wish James would have been able to be there!

The other downside was that my doctor was quite adamant that I needed to have Lucas stop nursing, cold turkey, because it takes too many calories away from me and the innie baby. I’ve done my homework, I know that many people nurse while pregnant, some even beyond pregnancy and nurse 2 babies, and some even have twins or triplets and nurse all those babies! I just don’t agree with her and it set a little bit of a disappointing tone [for the first time ever] for the appointment. She didn’t hear me, she was just certain I needed to stop. I’ll be speaking with the lactation consultant and I plan to see the dietician soon to make sure that I am doing all that I can to have all 3 of us thrive!

It’s real, we’re having a baby!!