I get so excited for all my checkups. I know some people don’t really enjoy the monthly weight, urine, blood pressure, measure belly checks, but I do. I love seeing the progress and knowing that I’m getting just that much closer. According to my doctor’s scale, I’ve only gained 1 pound so far. Perfect in my book – I know the big pounds are right around the corner. She said my belly was measuring right about 15 weeks but could be 17 weeks. I’ll take the 15, the 17 makes me a little nervous! I would like a nice, small baby this time. The baby’s heart rate was still a beautiful 160bpm – I just love that sound. It’s so reassuring and calming. I have thought about getting a doppler so I could hear it more often and so the kids could have more listens too – they don’t usually get to go to appointments with me. But I think I would become obsessive about it. I will just anxiously await each appointment to hear more! So everything was great, growing right on schedule and I’m feeling good and having no issues. I see her again in a month but just before I see her, we get our ultrasound!! Not only will we get a little peek at how this baby is growing and how adorable and healthy it is, we get to find out the gender! As long as baby cooperates though. I’ve not had one yet that hasn’t, so we’re hoping for the best! My doctor also reassured us that they are finding a lot of  marks for Echogenic Focus in the heart, like Lucas had. They think it’s because the technology is so much better and that they really are more common than thought before. At least if we find that again this time, we won’t initially freak out. It was really stressful last time.