There it is, there is definitely a baby growing in there! It has taken a really long time compared to Lucas’ pregnancy to finally feel this little peanut wiggling around with some consistency. With Lucas, I knew so early and he never quite wiggling since, and even not now at 11 months – he’s ALWAYS on the go!  But this wee one has either been more relaxed or isn’t as strong, or everything is just different. But that’s ok. Thankfully, I have the experience to know not to worry, things happen in their own time, but there were those days where I just wondered if I really was pregnant or if I was just over indulging in the Oreos and milk. [no, a stack of 6-8 cookies at a time isn’t too many, right?]  I’m so excited to find out if this baby is a little girl or another boy. Nearly a month is such a long time to wait!