Yep, it’s me, attempting to be a blogger again. I’m trying not to have anxiety over all the gaps and holes in this blog, trying not to want to start a new one or wipe this one clean, trying to come to terms with being imperfect and knowing that it’s OK to have gaps and holes that I can fill in later if I want, or I can leave them. They might prove to be good conversation starters – someone wanting a gap filled in and wonder how I went from a pregnancy test with baby #4 to having a 6 week old baby #5, all in 2 years! In all reality, I probably WON’T get caught up, there will always be gaps and holes, but moving forward, I hope to tell a pretty fun story of our crazy life.

Because our life IS crazy. Crazy good. Crazy hard at times. And sometimes, just crazy crazy! But I wouldn’t change it.

It’s taken me nearly 3 whole days to type this far – I deleted and rewrote a few lines, then deleted them again. But really, with all of the distractions, responsibilities, and lack of free time, getting this far was quite the accomplishment! I’m going to publish this as is, then move on to something else. 🙂