So many of my friends are breaking out there blogs in the past few weeks – some new, some diving back in, some fumbling their way around. It’s given me the notion to need to dive back in. Here I go!

It isn’t often that I’m awake before everyone. I’m the earlybird of the house, mostly because my bladder kicks me out of bed and then my brain won’t let me fall back asleep. Or I’m afraid to disturb the peaceful little angels hogging my bedspace. So I get up, start the coffee, and enjoy the silence of my home. I know it won’t last long. The crazy bustle of a great big busy family will amplify soon. So, in the silence, I will type.

I knew better than to say that out loud. Hello children!!


It’s amazing that I’m ever able to do anything. I look forward to naptime. We have asome things to do today, outside of the house, so I’m thankful that my big guys are home to help out with that a bit.

I’ll try this again later. I think that if I’m ever really able to accomplish getting some meaningful thoughts out of my head, I’m going to have to get up REALLY early. I’m just not quite ready for that.