Just for fun, I thought I’d detail out all the “things I did” for the day. Being a “stay at home mom” (yeah, right) definitely isn’t a relaxing job. Granted, I wouldn’t ever rather go back to the 8-5 shift work instead of staying home with my kids and being awesome. Awesome, but not glamorous.

I grabbed my notebook and pen and kept it nearby most of the day. I made a list of the highpoints, tally marked the oh so not glamorous, and just had a mostly normal and typical Saturday with my kids.

Mostly in chronological order:

  • I woke up and loved on The Little’s as they wiped their eyes and started their day with smiles. I wasn’t quite as anxious to get out of bed as they were.
  • Made coffee, unloaded the dishwasher, reloaded the massive stack of dishes from the night before, and took the recycling out.
  • Cleaned up the kitchen cabinets, swept the floor, dealt with some crazy kids.
  • Made homemade waffles and finally got to drink my coffee. Well deserved and delicious!
  • Breakfast for the dogs and cats, cleaned up after breakfast, sit down for a breather and nursed Levi.
  • Snuggled and loved and laughed.
  • Multitasking at it’s finest – talked to my mom on the phone and cleaned some more things and carried the baby all over.
  • A quick bath for me and then for the babies. Got them dried and diapered and dressed.
  • Gathered up AllTheBoys and drove across town to get Connor to baseball practice. Paid his fees. Left him there for an hour.
  • Hit up the grocery store.
  • Picked up Connor, stopped at the video store for weekend reinforcements, made it home for some play and downtime. (yeah, right)
  • While nursing the baby, did some St. Patrick’s Day planning (thanks Pinterest!), replied to some emails, and got sucked into the nets for awhile.
  • Gave up on making dinner – because that’s just the way I do it when things get a little loud and crazy around here.
  • Took the orders and went through Subway drive-thru.
  • Garbage out.
  • Fed the dogs. No Subway for them, except for the crumbs on the floor.
  • All out play time – cards, throwing diapers around, chasing cats, chasing dogs, jumping on the bed, dumping Trix on the floor, watching Minecraft videos.
  • GANGNAM STYLE DANCE PARTY!! Lucas loves it, over and over and over, and we all get into it. Fun times!
  • Jammied up the babies. They look and smell delicious.
  • Toss in the laundry. Then another load a little later.
  • More baby nursing and internet wasting time. I can’t quit you Candy Crush!
  • It’s getting late but got the babies to bed. Ahhhhh, quiet.
  • Levi up. Levi down. Levi up again. Then Levi down.
  • Tidied up some toys and things that get left all over.
  • Brownie time!
  • Relax. Wait, what’s that?
  • James got home!! (dude, it’s midnight, if he weren’t coming home, I’d have been in bed hours ago.)
  • Oh yeah, St. Patrick’s Day – made the Leprechaun Milk.
  • Collapse in bed. Snuggling, minor chatting, zonked.
  • There was also letting the dogs out 12 times, 12 diaper changes, bathroom breaks, 7 additional nursing the baby times, a hundred and one dog and cat pets, and a billion hugs, kisses, and loving moments with my kids.

It’s so nice to have a full day and end it with all of my people in one place. I love our big family. I love spending my day with them.