The baby is sleeping, the toddler is head over heals in the dirt patch, the deck is shaded, lightly breezy, full of cats and dogs, and it’s a beautiful morning to sit out on it and enjoy. I love these kinds of days – slow and easy and no big to-do list or agenda. Just quiet time and loving what life has given us right here at home. It’s nearly silent, at least until Levi wakes up. There are birds chirping and distant neighbor noises. There are no clouds in the sky and the sun will soon move to this side of the house, bringing summer along with it.

It’s crazy to think that school has already been out for a month. We’ve had our share of busy – playdates with friends, trips to the skatepark, house work, yard work, geocaching, park time, bocce ball, and plenty of lazy time. The weather has been perfect! We’ve had plenty of rain but it’s kept everything green and full. It’s been hot, but not scorching, which for me, is PERFECT. I sure wish that every day was summer. I could spend it just like this.

I’m such a lucky mama. I feel so fortunate and thankful to be able to enjoy these things every day!