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…With Water.

Oh, Thomas. He is a sink cat. He LIKES water. Cats don’t like water. But Thomas doesn’t know that. Ever so carefully, I turned on the water so that just one little drop would drop at a time. And then there was a pause. And then, another drop. He was loving it. But it was confusing him. Watching him made me giggle and grab my camera. I wish I would have captured more of his playing, but like any photographer’s child, he’s done being cute when I pick up the camera.








Those last three, he cracks me up. I was just about done, because so was he, but I’m so glad that I waited and snapped a few more.  He caught that drip out of the corner of his annoyed little eye and flipped his head right back around. But then he was totally done. Hopped down and went and laid in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Because now, he’s going to entertain me.

By being in my way.