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The bump is growing! Pretty soon it will be an all out belly! Time just isn’t going fast enough though – I’m already so anxious to meet this little person and add to our family!


There it is, there is definitely a baby growing in there! It has taken a really long time compared to Lucas’ pregnancy to finally feel this little peanut wiggling around with some consistency. With Lucas, I knew so early and he never quite wiggling since, and even not now at 11 months – he’s ALWAYS on the go!  But this wee one has either been more relaxed or isn’t as strong, or everything is just different. But that’s ok. Thankfully, I have the experience to know not to worry, things happen in their own time, but there were those days where I just wondered if I really was pregnant or if I was just over indulging in the Oreos and milk. [no, a stack of 6-8 cookies at a time isn’t too many, right?]  I’m so excited to find out if this baby is a little girl or another boy. Nearly a month is such a long time to wait!

It’s been three weeks and my belly is starting to round out just  a little bit. I still don’t feel very pregnant, maybe more like I had way too much for dinner. And I probably am doing that too! It’s really nice to have an appetite again. We’ve finally told the kids and our families and shared our news on Facebook. It’s so exciting to see everyone’s comments and reactions – some totally excited, some really shocked, some thinking we’re crazy! Sometimes, I feel a bit crazy too! But I love my growing family and our crazy life and being a mom to them all. I wouldn’t change a thing!

Here is the first of a new round of belly pictures! So far, nothing going on, just residual rounding from Lucas. I expect the belly to “pop” pretty soon though – it’s about that time. I’m feel pretty good! I had rounds of nausea and plenty of days of total exhaustion – some of which weren’t helped by a 3 week long sinus crud cold. My appetite diminished but is returning. I had lost 6 pounds in the first month of being pregnant which isn’t so great, but knowing me, I’ll gain just the right amount back in no time. It’s going to be a lot of fun eating enough to feed the 3 of us! {Me, the innie baby, and Lucas} Bring on the ice cream sandwiches!

Being full term is awesome – the concerns about having an early baby are gone – he is welcome to come out and join the family party any time now! This is likely the last of the belly pics – it’s a bit sad but also an awesome relief! This little [or not so little] baby boy will be here in 6 days or less! He’s busting out the bottom of my tank top so much more than even just a week ago! There may be too much fluid but there is also a whole lotta baby in there! I have to say I’m a bit amazed that the 40 or so pounds that I’ve gained this pregnancy doesn’t show much other than in my belly – I expected some more whole body growth. That’s not to say there hasn’t been any, I can see the changes in my face and rear end and the swollen hands, legs, and feet are starting to stay longer and longer without going away. I’m anxious to find out how much of this weight will go away once he’s born. I’m not typically a weight focused person, it’s always a conversation I dread in general, but right now it’s very intriguing. Between baby and amniotic fluid and miscellaneous other pregnancy instant weight loss items, I think I’ll lose half this weight all at once. I can only imagine how long it will take to put this tummy back into a halfway normal state – it really is stressed to the max! That would be funny if we were planning to name him Max! We’re not, so don’t go getting any ideas.

Just when I thought it wasn’t going to grow much more – my belly is all sorts of hanging out of the bottom of my tank top! I’m officially beyond bigger than I was with any of my other pregnancies – more weight, more size, more complaints. Or it could just be all that Thanksgiving dinner that my brother cooked and the leftovers that are tempting me every moment of the day. It’s so nice to be pregnant and eat beyond capacity and sometimes have little regard for what’s healthy and what’s not – I just eat. And grow, it seems.

Whoa belly! This belly means business! This boy sure is growing nice and big and round! And I love it! Even though the uncomfortableness is sometimes too much to deal with, I love having a round belly. It’s interesting, the boys love to rub it like a genie lamp, so do I. There is a security in feeling movements and watching little feet bumps roll across from side to side. But at the same time, I’m so out of proportion – I’m front heavy, off balance, and just a little bit awkward – more than normal anyway. I’m not sure this belly can grow much more – still a month to go!

Just over a month to go! I feel like I’m at my stretching point, my belly feels so heavy! The tank top is getting smaller, an obvious sign that the baby is growing well. My doctor appointments are showing the same – the weight is going up, up, up and my eyes get bigger every time I step on that scale. Sleeping has been so horrible and painful. I’m exhausted and drained but still just chugging along. The haircut is nice though!

I’m always the one behind the camera and I love it there. I feel a bit uneasy and focused on and OMG the center of attention when I’m on the other side of the camera. That’s not a comfortable place for me – it never has been. I’m quite social and comfortable in most situations and I don’t typically get uncomfortable easily – but when the focus is on me, all eyes on me, I have crazy weird anxiety – not the overwhelming, can’t breath, and might die type of anxiety though – no worries there.

My friend Christy and I have been planning belly shots for this baby boy for a few weeks now and I haven’t spent much time thinking about it. I told her up front that I’d let her do whatever she wanted to do – with discretion of course. I was going to allow myself out of my comfort zone for a change. However, I didn’t know I’d get THAT far out of my comfort zone.

But Christy is awesome, she’s a good friend and always easy to be around. I figured this is the one time when I can show off my belly and not be worried about what others might think – girls are crazy stupid that way. And I showed off my belly, and more skin than I expected, but the images are beautiful and stunning. Not really the kinds of images you show off to everyone that comes through the door but they are so nice to have as keepsakes. All of the aches and pains and frustrations get shoved aside and forgotten when I look at those pictures [and I haven’t even seen them all] and feel beautifully, wonderfully pregnant. The body does really weird things while pregnant – shape shifting is just one of them – and it’s sometimes hard to appreciate all that’s going on when you feel so taken over and out of control.

It was definitely an experience – one I won’t have again and I’m so glad that I had this time. I wish I had done it with all the babies – it was great. I’m so thankful for such good friends who are also so creative and talented and giving and super fun to hang out with!

For now, the images are on her Facebook page – you can see them here.

Time flies – 3 weeks since the last picture – part slacker, part busy! I can’t believe how fast time is going. Back when we first found out we were expecting it seemed like it would take FOREVER to reach the end of pregnancy and now it’s right around the corner. Despite the aches and pains and general complaints, I love my round belly with my baby boy closely tucked inside wiggling away.

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