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At the end of the school year last year, on a whim [and some encouraging from a friend], Hannah decided to try out for cheerleading. I was surprised but quite excited for her. But being the clumsy girl that my lovely daughter is, I worried for her safety, for her fragile joints, for her ever injured shins and toes. After a couple hours of practicing and learning routines and a quick tryout, we waited 2 long days for the results and found out that she made varsity football and varsity girls basketball! She was so excited! I was too! I think she talked about cheer stuff most of the summer, doing routines through the house, nearly nonstop. I was glad she had something new to look forward to and that she pushed so hard for something she wanted and she really excelled. Heck, she was far more coordinated than I expected her to be! But this also meant the end to swimming, since they are in the same season. That is where my heart broke. I really had grown to love her swimming and all the swimmers and the parents too. It was a lot of fun. But this will be fun too!

Fast forward to last night, her first football game outside of the stands, in front of the fans, being ‘on stage’ in front of so many people – not something she’s typically comfortable with either. But she did amazing! It was so fun to watch! Her personality really shined through, she smiled so much, and cheered her heart out. She had a great time! We had a great time watching her! I was having many teary eyed, proud mama moments. My baby is all grown up!

The icing on the cake – it was a photo of HER that made the morning paper! HOORAY! But here are the ones that I took.


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