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Far away friends are grieving the loss of their 1 week old son. I cannot put into words how that kind of news shakes a parent up. I am so thankful,, for my very healthy babies, who all have had minor struggles here and there, are growing and thriving and who are HERE every day for me to wrap my arms around them and tell them that I love them.

Everyday, I love them. And everyday, I will tell them.

How precious life is.

The unimaginable grief, I can’t imagine what my friends must be feeling. How can I feel so helpless?

Everyone leaves their loved ones too soon. There is never enough time. But they had only just met their baby boy. That is just so heart wrenching and unfair.


Yesterday, The Littles and I went to visit my friend Shannon and her adorable trio of boys for some far over due and much needed friend time. Shannon started out as a photography client way back when and is now one of my dearest friends. With both of our abundance of boys to tend to, we just don’t have the time get together as much as we’d like. We’re really great at talking about it, but not so great about following through. I really appreciate the times we hang out though. She’s extra good for getting me back to feeling a little more grounded and a little less crazy. But when we gather out bunches of boys together, it definitely feels a little bit crazy!


But I brought donuts, because who has time to eat breakfast when it already took 3 hours just to get everyone cleaned up and ready and out of the house even close to on time? And donuts are delicious. And sugary sweet. Lickably sweet.

And there was baby holding. Because Levi is irresistible. And there was photographing. Because Shannon gets the most beautiful window light and I love it. We could run our photography businesses out of her living room – if she didn’t live there.

And I was photographing her photographing her 2 oldest and my wee youngest. SURPRISE SHANNON!! (she might really kick me now)

And her wee youngest wanted to put a wheel on my camera. I wanted to forever run my fingers through his baby curls and watch his brand new walking legs waddle all day.

And there was plenty of baby loving. Leighton is excellent at loving babies. He’s loved both of my Littles. He’s so gentle and sweet.

And just moments before Lucas had his overtired and ready for a nap RIGHT NOW meltdown, I snapped one of us. Because there are never enough pictures of me, especially me with my kiddos, and I need to make a point to do that more. Even if they are the cheesy arm reached out and neck craned back variety.  And then he fell asleep.

Thank you, Shannon, Leighton, Chase, and Beckett for having us over and being our friends. See you again soon!



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