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This year I was asked to help with both boys’ parties at school. I try and help out as much as I can, I love being in the classroom with them. This year I had previously scheduled my OB checkup for about the same time so I arrived late to both and only caught a few snaps before the end of the day. Connor had actually asked me if I was going to come to school to take pictures – that was cool – I love when they ask me to be a part of their day and document them!

I stopped in Dillan’s classroom first where the party was well underway – they played some games, wrapped up like mummies, took some pictures, had yummy treats and decorated small pumpkins. Dillan is going as Ironman this year.

Yummy idea! Carved out oranges, stuffed with orange sherbet and frozen! YUM!

Dillan's partially decorated pumpkin.

Then I headed down to Connor’s room where their party was much more low key. Connor was dressed as a bloody skeleton ghouly thing but had already taken his costume off before I got there. I think he was disappointed in how it work – kind of cumbersome. And he just didn’t look like he was having any fun anyway – but he was glad to see me!

He couldn't even smile with his pumpkin.

But he did have fun decorating his face!!


Winter is here. I’m usually in total denial to the start of another long stretch of frigid months but it’s pretty much smacking us in the face right now. Just 3 weeks ago it was 80*+ and we were sweating. Now the heat is on, winter gear is out, I made a big pot of potato soup – always a sure sign of winter – and the temps didn’t get above 35*. We had a winter weather warning a few days ago – it rained, and sleeted, and even a bit of snow fell. Crazy enough, the river is on the rise – minor flood stage actually – this does not make spring a lovely premonition.

I’m always cold, that’s no secret, but this time of year, I’m down right frigid [but warm at heart!]. I’m always bundled up, inside and out. I have the heat on in the house, in the car, and sometimes lean on a heating pad. Totally pathetic, I know, but I hate being cold. [I wear sweatshirts in the summer because the air conditioning is always too cold!] The kids all think I’m crazy. I think they are!

To kick off the start of Halloween weekend, the boys carved their pumpkins Thursday after school. This was a monumental pumpkin carving day for them – they were allowed to carve their own for the first time ever! I bought those cute little knives – still sharp and dangerous , holy cow! – and they went  to town! I carved out the top, they scooped all the guts and did their own designs. And they even cleaned up! I just had to do the seeds which is fine with me. Here’s some documentation.


Dillan wanted a 1 eyed, 1 toothed pumpkin this year.


He paused his carving to give a little wave.


And then he finished and did a great job!


Connor had some good detail and worked really hard - he loved doing it all himself!


I didn’t take any of the finished product but will once they’re all lit up on Halloween. I never put them out early for fear that they will become road decorations – I hate when people do that!

I can’t wait to have some potato soup to warm me up – and while I’m not a fan of Halloween, I’m ready to bring on the chocolate!



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