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And I thought the hardest part of meal planning would be coming up with a month full of meals – and just dinner meals – all at once. It turns out, I was so wrong. That was tedious but because I love Pinterest and there are so many cool ideas there, I was able to fill things in enough after figuring out who would be home for dinner on which nights and accommodating for sports and other activities. The hard part, COOKING. And more specifically, not OVER COOKING. I turned into a meal planning follow through failure in 1 week. First, I overcooked, we had too much food after a few days  that there was no more room in the fridge to put anything. And I first thought that I would freeze those leftovers so that we had a few quick servings or meals later. But I am the leftovers eater – that’s typically my lunch. And I hate freezing and thawing and wasting all that time. So then I didn’t cook so that we could just eat the leftovers sooner than I planned. And then we got too busy one day and I didn’t get things prepped before everyone in the house was HANGRY!! (when hunger turns into angry due to blood sugar drops and general irritability) and ready to die from starvation at any moment so we opted for pizza delivery. 20 minutes from computer order to door – I can’t make PB&J that fast!

I am still trying to keep with it to some extent. I did really well the first week and bought everything for the meals at one time, avoiding the quickie and overindulging trips to the grocery. That was GREAT! I will be making some adjustments:

  • Don’t make too much – but that’s hard when 1 “batch” isn’t enough for our large family and doubling it is too much.
  • Plan more “leftovers” days
  • Balance big meals with lighter meals so food doesn’t pile up
  • Utilize leftovers into other dinners better
  • Never ever ever again feed the children. When I ask the kids “what would you like for dinner?”  they give me the “I don’t know” reply. But when I just make something, I get the “oh maaaaaannnn” reply.
  • Problem solved – if I don’t have to feed the children, I don’t have to meal plan!

I’m back to the drawing board – I can see where this is really going to work – in the long run. But it may take a few months of trial and error to get it going smoothly.

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