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After 2 days in the NICU and an overnight in my room and a day getting ready to go home, we finally made it home. There are so many exhausting details – some I will probably never get around to getting caught up on. The main points being that all is well, it was hard and draining – and experience I hope to never have again, and we are just so happy to be a big family and home all together. This is just going to be a picture post of the past few days.



In order to save time, this is copied from our Facebook update. This is the brief story, there are more details which may be shared in time but maybe the general masses don’t want or need to know all the details. Maybe we’ll just keep that to ourselves for now.

Lucas David was born 12-10-10 at 7:26pm weighing 8 pounds 7 ounces and 21.5 inches long.

Thank you all for your support and concern and my apologies for purposefully not updating until we had the time to share what I need to share.

First of all, yes, we are all just fine and doing great! There have been a few speed bumps but we know that mostly everyone just wants to be assured that we are ok – and we are! We cannot reply to all the messages at this time but hope this helps and will eventually get around to catching up. We’re glad that everyone is thinking of us and so excited to share in our joy – it really means a lot.

I was admitted at 7pm Thursday night to start induction with cervical gel which was just supposed to get things ready for the big induction Friday morning. We planned for a mostly laid back evening. Withing 10 minutes of getting the gel I started contracting and within 30 minutes they were full strength and 2 minutes apart – the entire night. By morning we had hoped that all of these contractions were doing a good job and that things were moving a long quickly. But they weren’t We knew the baby was high and there was a lot of work for the body to do. I was wrong in thinking that. Even by noon when my doctor came to break my water and really get things going, it was difficult for several reason. Fortunately, 2 hours earlier, after being exhausted from being awake since 3:30am the day before and nonstop contractions, I decided to get an epidural, and those that know me well know this was a very big and hard decision because of my own fears. At the same time, Pitocin was started which made contractions stronger and longer. By mid-afternoon I had made minimal progress and was feeling already defeated, frustrated and beyond exhausted while trying to still be excited for our baby boy to be born. This was the point where I had stopped Facebooking and I’m sorry that I left everyone hanging. In hindsight I wish I would have updated one more time. I finally started progressing but that turned into a very difficult [for me] delivery. My other babies were all born quickly with IV pain meds only and no complications. There was a lot of insufficient pushing due to the epidural but things finally found their place and Lucas was born after a lot of pushing and a very stuck head.

All would be amazing if I could stop there and share my story but that’s not the case. He came out very limp and purple, cord around his neck and apgars of 5, 7, and 8. His breathing was labored and he required CPAP for a short time. James went with him to the NICU and was there for over an hour before I was able to come to him as well. He responded to his treatments and having IVs set and medications administered. He’s having a blood culture to check for possible infection to rule out why he was having a difficult time breathing outside of the bit of fluid in his lungs and meconium at birth – not before. This requires him to have a mandatory 48 hour NICU stay with IV antibiotics until results are found. Fortunately, he’s doing well in every other way right now, we’re just waiting on those results which are due tomorrow night and hoping there are no back slides. Today, he had feeding tube [to check his esophagus as a possible reason for my increased amniotic fluid – and was left in in case it was needed later for feeding] and nasal cannula were removed. We’re very happy that since 6am he’s been breathing well on room air all on his own! Today I was able to start nursing him and he took right to it and ate for a good 40 minutes! I’m heading back soon to do some more. He’s doing great. It’s very hard to be in the NICU and see so many very tiny and very sick babies. We feel very thankful that Lucas will have a short stay and get to go home with us soon.

As of right now, the hope is to have him come home on Monday as long as all of his bloodwork comes back a-ok. We are supposed to be discharged tomorrow but hope to get a rooming in overnight with him so we all can come home Monday together. Will know more on that tomorrow.

We’re all doing ok – it’s been emotional and frustrating and obviously not how we expected things to go but the big picture is most important and that’s what we’re looking at.

We will get back to everyone eventually and am sure you understand that we’re putting our focus on family right now. We can’t wait to share more, there will be plenty of pictures to come, before long you’ll be tired of the constant updates. 🙂

P.S. We can’t take cell phones into the NICU so replies do take quite awhile – sorry.

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