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It has been Hannah’s goal since starting swimming 4 years ago – she wanted to go to State. This is a big deal, she has to work hard, swim hard, improve every day and  cut seconds enough to compete with the fastest swimmers in the state. Cutting seconds in most things seems like no big deal at all. But when swim races come down to 100th’s of a second, it is a very big deal. She’s been close so many times and each year has ended in frustration and disappointment but still with determination to make it next year. This year is her year!

This was the last home meet of the season, he second to last chance to make it into the State qualifying group. The qualifying time this year for the 50m freestyle was 28:28 seconds. She’s been hovering in the 29’s for so long, having a heck of a time busting down that last second. Just one second. And at the last meet, she actually broke the 29 with a time of 28:82 – SO ClOSE!! She was so excited to break 29 but still frustrated to be so close and not yet make it there. Tonight was amazing though – she swam so hard, leading the pack in the beginning, keeping up with the fastest swimmers for most of the race, and then pulling out an awesome 28:25. [see, HUNDREDTH’S of a second!] I cried, she yelled out, her team mates and coaches hugging and high fiving and congratulating. It was awesome, and amazing, and I was such a super proud mama! I instantly texted a handful of people to share our joy!

The best part this year, prelims fall on her 16th birthday! What an awesome way to spend the day! I can’t wait to travel and enjoy the experience with her – it’s going to be amazing!


This is the start of a record breaking race for her!



She's actually ahead of the fastest swimmer in the race - that didn't last but it was awesome anyway!


breast stroke in a relay race.



more breast stroke


This has been an awesome swim season – lettering in 2 races and heading to state! I’m just so proud!





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