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I went to bed way too late last night. Hannah and I were up, cracking ourselves up, working on a craft project. And now I woke up way too early – not really, but for the total hours, yes. It’s freezing here in Fargo. It currently reads -6* with a -30* wind chill. I’m pretty sure that is a definitive cue to stay home today. But since I didn’t plan to have Thanksgiving dinner here, we’ll have to brave the frigids and head over to Adam’s for the day – he makes a very excellent turkey dinner!

I have done a lot of thinking about this pregnancy lately. It has really caused me such grief the past many weeks, I’ve been painful and miserable and totally frustrated. But as I’m nearing the final couple of week and feeling a bit better [thank you to my very understanding doctor!] I have to sit back and take the time to really enjoy what is left of my last pregnancy. I’m trying to really love the movements I feel inside me, even if they do make me uncomfortable and woozy at times. Soon they won’t be there anymore, or ever again. My belly is reaching a size it never has been before and even though it looks beyond crazy and freakish, I’m embracing it – this is amazing work I’m doing here – my body is cooperative and healthy and producing a healthy baby. My ankles are still swelling, and they ache, but that just means I need to sit back a bit more and just love the state I’m in. I will post more about this later but needed to share how thankful I feel to be given another chance to be a mom to a precious little one.

This is the day when everyone suddenly becomes thankful. Facebook has exploded with “what I’m thankful for” updates. I try to be more thankful throughout the year and reserve this day for gluttony. It’s hard to outwardly be thankful each and every day, especially with 3 kids and 6 pets and a whole lot of chaos. But even through all of the crazy that is my life, it is nice to lay still at the end of the day and review it and if nothing else, be thankful that I didn’t strangle anyone!

I have m any things to be thankful for, every day of my life. And today, while I’m shoving forkful after spoonful after handful into my mouth, I will be extra thankful for food comas and couches, and snuggling cats that I will enjoy afterwards.

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